Friday, December 12, 2008

photobooth love!

i love photobooths! especially the vintagey ones with flashbulbs that comes in strip form but the nearest you can find in singapore are the passport photo booths!

but NO, we have not turned in to blabbering love-birds that wear matchy-matchy clothes.. in fact, we secretly giggle at people with couple pink lacoste polo-tees and popped collars!! (if we're offending anyone out there, you can now officially laugh at us too!) 

the company was involved with a charity run and we volunteered to help out. and got issued teeny-tiny midriff muscle tees. seriously! hanging on the clothesline, you would instantly think we own a toddler that has baby kindy clothes.. but 'so tight i can't breath' tee-shirt aside, i felt really small and a little guilty at the end of the day that im so darn sheltered and lucky. yet, im one of the grumpiest person ever.

and even though its such a huge rah-rah event with rules, well-mapped out schedules, glitzy well-thought of gifts i wasn't sure if i have done enough for someone. and i wasn't even sure if i could ever do anything to make them feel better. so i didn't walk away with the warm & fuzziness you feel when you have given someone a dollar or the incessant  'thank you's you receive when you helped someone out or the pat in the back for a good job done.. i walked away feeling like i could or should have done more.

that was a mouthful.. but im glad i got that out.

after my weighty rant in the evening, dearly beloved suggested doing some work for the UN or help pro-bono on some charity organization in Cambodia.. got me thinking about it. 

well-pitched, my love... 


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