Friday, December 12, 2008

our engagement: the story

firstly, thank you heaps for all your well wishes through mail, phone, sms, comments! thank you! thank you! i wish i could tell you all personally but this will have to do!!:) we really appreciate it and are very thankful and blessed to have you all in our lives. and no need for gifts! we recently re-assessed our worldly belongings in reference to the space we own and found it grossly ill-balanced. plus, we're the type of couple that buys things around the year so we don't need anything!! cheesy as it may sound, your love is the best gift!!! (woah!! "we", "us" and "our"!!!)

and secondly, we don't have any wedding dates/location/plans yet we're just really excited and happy, but still living in the whirlwind of events that are unfolding (engagement aside!!) but thats yet another story for another day!

ah yes, the story!!

so for the first time since forever, i had an entire weekend off!! so daniel asked me out months in advance and even got my boss on board so i don't end up running off to some meeting/rehearsals. but days before the weekend came along, daniel mentioned that he was booking us into a hotel for the weekend with some glitzy spa thingy on sunday. must have caught me on a bad day cos i burst into tears. gist of it was cos i did not want to spend my only weekend off "at work"!! all i wanted to do was to stay home, do some everyday things and just be...

'consider that done' was daniel's response and that was the last i heard about any sort of weekend plan! as intuitive as i usually am, i sure did not see this coming cos we did the most insanely mundane things like go for long run at macritchie, ran errands, got fixings for dinner, popped by the florist to pick flowers (oddly enough, daniel insisted i should get red roses..) but as you will see later, i got creative and convinced him spider mums are THE flowers of the weekend. DANG! now i will always associate spider mums (scary name ya?) to our engagement..

my happy flowes

but we made our favorite dinner together, set up the table by the window overlooking the gorgeous sunset, lit pretty candles, picked a tiny bottle of wine.. and if you ask me how could i have not seen it coming, its just what we do.. we pick random work evening and decide to dress up a meal with proper napkins and fine cutlery.. so i just played along. even when daniel asked me to get changed for dinner, i did not realize anything.

then we served up delicious home-made pasta with a lovely bottle of wine from our last trip to melbourne. and everything was normal, nothing fishy!! until we were done and i offered to get seconds.. when i came back to the table, there was a neat little box on the table... and i got SUPER excited.. i shamefully admit that robin-blue boxes have that effect on me.. still, no clue what was happening!!

(post proposal thoughts: im a complete retard)

anyhow, i asked daniel "what's that for?"

daniel's response "just for being you.."

my thought "woohoo!! i get a present just because?? some more from my favorite jeweller!! must have done something wrong, man!" (just kidding..) i don't think i was thinking much then cos i was in shock.. so i tore open the box and there was the most beautiful ring i've ever seen. not huge but very sparkley!! :)

then daniel went into this whole proposal and got down on one knee and proposed... and my immediate response was 'of course, baby! of course!'

so that's it! we were engaged! *hoots* 

and daniel had the cutest story behind the entire proposal (ok.. maybe some of your are gagging already!) but he wanted to propose last week before we moved house cos this little apartment held most of our lovely memories and that was a nice end to our stay in singapore. plus, he didn't want to propose while travelling cos that would steal the thunder from our wintry white christmas or sparkley glammy new year countdown. each of those memories should be individual and unique.. plus, the entire proposal was very simple but intimate. and to me, it was very "us" and just perfect!

and as for THE ring (to answer many questions at one shot..sorry guys, no clue about the price, cut, carat, and all that stuff!) but if you recall, daniel's mum visited just a week ago. the Allenders were in cahoots! her mission was to personally deliver the ring and of course to visit us. the dear boy has been shopping around for a while, apparantly tried to sound me out and visited the major jewellers alone!! i'll give that to him, this boy has got balls. i feel nervous walking into all these stores cos they stare you down like hawks. but he did his homework, and picked his favorite of the lot but the singapore store did not have the size he wanted. so he called melbourne and found it there!! so sent mum down to pick up the ring and bring it to us. so that was mum's sign of approval.. teehee.. 

me & my cute ring.. :)

funny thing is, i did not help him a single bit! cos even though he did his ring research under my nose flipping through my wedding magazines & books, reading on settings, pillows, paves.. everytime he would ask if i liked this or that better, my response would be somewhat vague... only that it had to be sparkley!!!

but ring-aside, im glad we're doing this now. not cos we need to move away together, or visa, or that we're getting to THAT age, or all the many reasons why some people feel the need to get married.. but just cos we love each other! :) im sure life ahead won't be a bed of roses (or in our case, a bed of urm.. spider mums..) but im so looking forward to many more lovely memories to come and very very glad that its daniel cos he just makes love very clear and very simple, just like how its meant to be.

ok! STOP *woah* too much mush..

i love you, my smiley babe! :)

and i woke up the next morning and shamelessly announced that our engagement was more exciting than waking up to a new episode of "greys"! haha.. and mind you! in my world, that in itself is hard thing to top off ! :)

**all pictures taken the morning after cos we were too excited to remember our camera! :P


  1. Awww I can really feel your happiness and excitement, and I'm just so happy for you!! *hug* The ring's just gorgeous, and now I realise it's totally different from mine so errr ignore what i said earlier :P
    The pics you took are SUPER gorgeous! Hope you guys got tax back at the airport.. we did and used the $ to fund our engagement party.. hehe

  2. i love that proposal. that's how it shld be!

  3. congratulations babe!!
    such a sweet, cute & happy story!!

  4. teehee! :) yes he did remember that!
    haha.. funny that was one of the first thing i reminded him! so auntie! :)

  5. congrats, babe! what a cute story! =)

  6. thanks love! and you need to update me! i have not heard from you in AGES! what have you been up to!!!

  7. OMG!!!
    wow! ok.. need to sit you down soon.. gulp!!

  8. Re: OMG!!!
    haha babe, yes you do! :)
    maybe when i come back from boston with your creme brule tea!!
    i love you heaps...

  9. Re: OMG!!!
    darlin! im back carrying tea! shall we meet up soon so i can pass you your present??
    hope you had a lovely new year!


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