Tuesday, November 18, 2008

wedding stuff: all that sparkles

still in wedding buzz after the weekend of crazy events! :) but with most weddings, we're glad & relieved when it ends well. for this couple, i was extremely sad.. cos they were the loveliest and funniest couple to work with!! but awww i won't get to see them every week anymore! :(

but still super glad that they had as much fun as they did and the party turned out exactly how they wanted it to! importance of a lovely location, a cute theme (glitterati), sporting friends, lotsa booze and great music. oh! and a great emcee made all the difference! how every wedding should be i think..

from afar the centerpieces looked like floating clouds! :)

and the guests that evening were all so glamourously dressed to the nines in all the bling they owned and boogied on the dance floor till wee hours of the morning..

daniel was our in-house photographer again and this time, he came with a new velbon tripod claiming he needs professional equipment now that these photography gigs are becoming more frequent. (sneaky one there..) but he was completely floored at the 70-table parties... wait till he sees the 100-table ones! that should sweep him off his feet!

spellbound at work! :) how goofy..

ooo and i need a haircut bad. i look like an amazonian woman... *beats chest*


  1. Beautiful wedding and i love that goofy pic!!! :D

  2. must find joy in my crazy job man! :) most of the time im less smiley and silly..


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