Thursday, November 20, 2008

and then she scaled the walls..

in the spirit of learning to take a step back and relax, we found ourselves with a pocket of time before bed at 8:30pm. this was after a long day at work, shopping for new apple treats, flower shopping, dethorning the roses by hand, putting together an arrangement for guest-room and dinner.. but i was still all 'rah-rah' ready to hit the dance floor or go mustafa or anything at all!! so we decided to go rock-climbing.

trooped over to climbasia snuggled in the middle of farrer park/little india nearish to home and watched some people climb. and decided to give it a go! just like that.. ( very rare trait in me.. i wish i was that experimental with food..) but anywhos, other than the yucky shoes i had to rent, we were good to go in like 10 mins and i was spider-manning my way up my first wall in years! the last time i did something vaguely sporty must have been back in OBS! 

but it was fun! we did a little bit of color climbing, took turns on the rope. when i got stuck, it was especially sweet when dearly beloved yelled nazi-like instructions where to shift my feet. (ok in his defense, he did mutter some kind words like 'if you fall back, i've got your back..') but no mucking around, soon enough he was giving me tip on how to scrunch my body and use my legs to support myself and how not to use my insole to climb.. damnit its my first, baby steps, darling!

im proud to say, with the exception of an egg size bruise on my knee, im not in any pain or soreness today!! i rock! i mean.. ya whatever..


  1. yes girl you rock!!! :D I haven climb for the longest time and i shall look up to you!!

  2. wow! rock climbing!
    thats tough babe

  3. trying to keep up with my garang "can-do-it-all-and-betta-than-you" image! :)

  4. YES! :) come join us.. other than the gross shoes.. its actually pretty ok!


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