Friday, August 29, 2008

we turn half year old! :)

in my organizer, i have everything written down in pencil. even weddings only things that are super definite like birthdays are written in pen. but detemined to remember our month-niversary for the first time ever, i had aug 23rd written down in ORANGE! :) but a week before, daniel emailed to asked if i would kindly attend his firm's charity dinner with him.. disappointedly (cos i really dislike stuffy work functions..) i said yes. but it was an occasion to get dressed and enjoy the evening out with my baby, so ain't that bad!

throughout the entire week, i kept drilling him for details, where, what, who else is attending and he seemed visably disturbed/irritated.. (only to find out later he was just nervous not to give it away) and he kept convincing me i needed to take my dancing shoes cos we'd get a chance to dance at the function..

at dinner with justin and dick, he couldn't contain himself and burst out "i got your birthday present!" but refused to tell me what! complaining how hard it is to keep secrets! 

so saturday came, we woke up real early excited that it was OUR day, cuddled and roll around in bed a little and he sang his newly self-taught Jason Mraz "Im Yours" tune! it was so sweet (ok.. im gushing now..) and most of all, he looked so happy! its so rare he sings happy tunes. its always something woeful or sad..! :) i hope that means he is happier in recent months!

then we parted to run errands and do a little running around on our own before dinner!

i was tossing between two dresses but eventually dressed up in something he liked (my 6-year, 12-seasons-old mango dress which i really grew out of..) and hopped into a cab with my baby all dressed in his tux!! we pulled up at tanjong pagar road where oso was and there was no work function! just a little surprise from my baby! it was just lovely cos here we are at a resto we always said we'd visit one day, dressed up without any work peeps to entertain and maintain polite conversation with! awww.... just me and my man!

the food was lovely, the dancing after was nice and we went home hand in hand to cosy up and look forward to more lovely months to come! the date was nothing exceptionally different from our regular date nights (which means we have awesome date nights as well!!) but it was so us and something i'd wanna do forever.

im so happy! :)


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