Thursday, August 28, 2008

dins at brown sugar...

eeks! have been cooped up and sick at home for two days! but im back in the action! :) *bounce*

had a wonderful weekend of lovely dinners and fun get-togethers! but this is totally worth an entry on its own! our 'happening' night out with justin&dick at brown sugar! i guess that wasn't the particularly happening part cos we dine out pretty often BUT post dinner, we headed to zouk for some fashion show thingie.. which is how rare for me can?? even my didi couldn't believe it cos its so way past my bedtime! well, that just goes to show i totally need a life! already acting like 80 year old before i turn late-twenties!!

after work on friday, i met dick earlier with the intention of going shoe-shopping at clarke quay and the boys will whisk by from suntec to pick us up just before dinner! justin and daniel, both individually known to be particularly shy, would then have to spend some alone-time before we met. and it turns out that both dick and i had the same thought "what WILL they say to each other!" haha.. so we came up with a mock dialogue something along the lines of:

j: so we're having dinner later, right?
d: ya.. at brown sugar, so i've heard..
j: yes, we have been there.
d:hows the food?
j: hmm.. good.
d: good.

and we broke into hysterical laughter and blabbed non-stop till they came by in the car. only to realize that they were really talking. like serious conversation and did not even stop to say hi properly!! *pout* maybe they ain't that bad afterall..

dick with her yummy lamb shank!

I suck at food-blogging. i only remember to take pikkies after i taste the food! the desserts were amazing! ;)

still hungry after his wagyu burger..

the gals!

just being silly! :)

i like brown sugar! need to go back again to try the other desserts! its hidden off river valley road in a CC-like complex but the place is rather neat and cosy with excellent dishes without the pretentious butler at the door!!

then, the hip party animals (later joined by the sohs) hit the club, only to be sorely disappointed by the tiny runway and fashion-show with 15 year old models and way too many people. so i was on tippy-toe half the time trying to peer between someone's pits and neck. the perils of being physically challenged! (or not having VIP media passes! where is deaf when we need her!!!) reminded me very much of cleo bachelors events!! anywhos, when it ended, we decided that since we cant get into phuture or velvet underground and our weak hearts probably cant take the smoke or the music in zouk, we decided to head to selegie for warm soya bean drink and retired pre-midi for a snuggle, not before exclaiming ever-so-loudly "wow! we were at zouk!" *grins*


  1. Maaan that dessert looks awesome!

  2. it was divine! the sticky date pudding was superb as well!!:)

  3. Ooooo the lamb look yummy!!! *drools*
    and girl i love your dress/top although din get to see the whole of it. :)

  4. thank you babe! :)
    it was a black frilly top which i wore with white berms and new polka dot heels.. ya.. no point wearing such coordinated clothes if all im going to hide behind a pillow for the whole evening! :)


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