Saturday, June 14, 2008

silly gals at work..

i love photoshoot day! my third favorite days after 'weddding day' and 'sunday'.. its always so much fun. we get to busy ourselves with fun knick-knacks, new themes and ideas! this photoshoot was a breeze!! kim from wedding concierge was wonderful. she had everything in place, the floral centerpieces were dramatic (thanks, grace..) the hotel was so pretty and photographer, eadwine knew exactly what to do.. which left us heaps of time to fool around and be silly.

polaroids for wedding guest book..

yeah.. thought i'd save the proper pictures to the professionals! but this pink drink looked really yummy!

zhing hard at work! as the lighting girl.. (my dream job #2, #1 being a gift wrapper!) so unglam in my dress on a chair!!!

watch out for our next feature at ExtraOrdinary Weddings in July! its really pretty with heaps of colors and flowers... cant wait to see the pikkies from plush!!

another thing! i was shocked that we need visas to travel to australia! i used to pride myself in being able to say that we don't need visas to travel anywhere in the world and that we are such a safe country.. *sigh*


  1. yah.. we need visa to go aussie.
    At least it's free, ya know... ;)

  2. didn't know its free!! the travel agent applied for me! but good to know...


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