Thursday, June 26, 2008

at united square..

saturday brunchie with annu and lovely princess nirrthika! :)

she is adorable and such a girly gal in her fuscia pink outfits, princess castles, flying barbies... she asked the waiter for "room temperature water", shared with us her next birthday theme (noddy) and told us about her pretty class mate who has long hair! awww... it seem like just yesterday when annu was sharing her push-story and i pushed her darling around bishan for a walk in her pram!

and we got her a coloring book so she would busy herself annd let us catch up cos we have not spoke in years only to find that helen, another australian teacher we knew, already has a baby boy!! wow.. everyone is growing up!

from august 2005!!


  1. you girls look great!! and this princess Nirrthika grow so fast huh! :D

  2. i know!! it must be so difficult to watch lil ones grow up so fast!!


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