Monday, June 30, 2008

i heart flowers..

i think they are the best things god created. so tiny and unintrusive, yet set the heart aflutter..

thankfully, i get to work with talented florists and deal with dramatic larger-than-life floral arrangements on a daily basis. and my house is always filled with yummy blooms frequently from our parties and weddings. and my 'fleur du jour' changes on a regular basis.. so i don't blame the boy from getting stressed when buying flowers for me. but there is nothing wrong with the classic red roses, assorted daisies or happy sunflowers. i love them all the same!! (i really do!)

this weekend, it was a toss up between peonies and the allium! and the pinkies won! aren't they just so breathtakingly beautiful? and they smelly amazingly floral. almost like parfum!

and its so adorable to hear someone so un-girly talk about flowers, "and then, they had this, which i thought was cute.. and you'd approve. but they close early at millenia so i had to duck out in between my meeting so i don't get the yucky leftovers, and saw that they had the peonies in pink! and i thought "wow! this is definately the ONE!" and they were all balled up and ugly but they opened up in the cab. and then i had to tell them that i wanted them bunched in this way, in brown paper, no color crepe paper cos you don't like them and definitely no cheap plastic ribbons..oh! do you think you can spray it a little with your spray before we go out?"

haiyar, he's hilariously cute.


  1. zhiying jie, thks for coming.

  2. oh darling.. wish i could do more! *hugs*
    hang out soon? when you feel better hon!


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