Wednesday, May 21, 2008

our mothers' day..

a severly belated post! work has be mad scurry for time. so i have been neglecting important things like blogging.. ;)

we celebrated mummy's day last week at Marmalade Pantry @ Palais Renaissance.. mum is a really busy person to date! she is super happening! has heaps of fun dance parties, friends' appointments and other crazy events to grace and hardly anytime for me *whinges* well, truth is, i'm really bad at booking something fun in with her as well.. unlike in uni days when we used to get weekly manicures done over at Jenny's! ah well..

leisurely lunch on mothers' day sunday was lovely! at least for once im not sending kisses over the phone long distance.. we definitely should do sunday brunch more oftem. and my mum was so adorable.. she was so bouncy, telling daniel stories of the australian kids at our speech and drama class running around barefooted, raving over the yummy food and even took down the name of the place so she could bring her friends here so i guess safe to say, mum had a fantastic time!!

i love you mum, always! ;)


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