Saturday, May 17, 2008

made me smile..

crazy crazy pre-wedding day! and dealing with the guilty of drinking bubble-tea (when i promised i won't so it stays a special treat instead of a hourly staple...) and trying to juggling my ever changing work schedules,emails and appointments..

*le sigh* why does the weekend still feel so darn far away when its already 6:30pm!

so dramatic..

anywhos, Relish's webbie made me giggle when i saw this line "come grab our buns at : XXX" so i booked in a long & hopefully relaxing massage sesh on monday evening followed by crazy burger pig-out!! yayy i cant wait..


  1. hourly bubble tea!?
    mine is (almost) daily at 4pm.. haha.

  2. yeah! i have a bubble tea place under my office block!! so everytime i take a walk, i come back with another drink!


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