Wednesday, April 23, 2008

his first race..

as part of the singapore sprint series, the biathlon kickstarted the 3-race event. and as expected my sport-enthusiast signed up for it in prep for his bigger races later this year.. and a very inspired didi, to my utmost surprise, followed suit! haiyar and he's so cute! he trained way more than anyone else did. when i wake up in the morning, he has already completed his morning swim, when i get home in the evenings, he is off for a run! in turn, he made daniel really stressed because daniel did not even train a single bit for this race!

so early sunday morning, had to wake sleepheads, nag at them and make sure they have ample to eat, brought their change of clothes, number tags, 100plus, towels, sunscreen etc.. and drive them to Sentosa!! all that at 6:30am on a SUNDAY morning! wow! if that ain't true love, i don't know what is!

silly didi with his tag number written on him!! *sigh* he did make us laugh heaps though!!

i love this picture! there were wayyy too many men in tights around!! had to put on my huge owl shades to check them out discreetly!

and he bitched endlessly about how the swim cap made him look like Mulan. (the up turned slitty asian eyes..)

he was in white cap and daniel in black because they were in different waves. non-competive and competive respectively!! so i was scurrying around with the camera trying to catch them at the startline, in transition and at the end! super stressful!!!

i love how both daniel and didi squirmed themselves right to the middle of the start line! made great pictures!

but didi performed amazingly well for the newbie! he was first in the non-competitive wave (which daniel pointed out is absolutely ironic) and was super proud when they read his name! he even took time to wave at the crowd.. and packed in a really strong run as well!! i was super impressed. oh! and daniel did great as well... (as an afterthought haha!.. didi was the centre of attention that morning!)

after the race, he complained that he felt so much like sitting down and taking a rest in the transition area, this is incriminating shot of him proving that he did, indeed, rest his butt down on the mat! and took near to a minute in transition! slow poke! he had time to wave more at the cheering crowd and drink water!

here are my boys after the race looks all pleased and posing for the camera!

point to note, on the left is their regular cheesy shot and on the right is their own crazy interpretation of the manly poses that other atheletes (presumably more serious ones as well..) strike in the post-race shots. the silly pumpkins!!

hope didi races more! i reckon a bit of sporty stuff to work towards keeps him on track in his training..  plus is a lot more fun to him around during races to giggle with!



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