Thursday, April 24, 2008

dancing in the dark..

last evening's salsa class was the best in a while! ;) i've been not too excited about class for a while! but last night dug me out of my 'dance rut'  the turn patterns were not too tough and the boys' leads were fabulous! made me feel like a real dancer again! i was all smiles after class! its great prep work for our workshop sessions with "Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls" this saturday! I reckon it would be great fun!

although i complain endlessly about 'windmills' and certain cheesy moves my teacher loves, i would certainly recommend my dance school to others keen on salsa. for the experienced dancer, the first few levels (all the way till intermediate 2) can be rather slow and boring but after that, its a breeze!! the structure of the class covers the basics, details like leads,body isolations and bit of styling which is useful yet not excessive! and the instructors are pretty professional and reliable. they've never been late to class or had to cancel last minute!

due to crazy work and social schedule, we have been shelving our dance plans for a while. and have not been to Union in weeks! time to step back in action!


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