Friday, March 7, 2008

the three words..

a few nights ago, after glass of celebratory bubblies with emma, we tucked into bed all clean and comfy and cuddled. Lay in bed talking till the cows come home (we do that really often..and i like it heaps). And Daniel asked ‘how long do you reckon it takes to fall in love’. I stunned and did not know how to respond so i just mumbled something and ignored him. 

later he told me point blank. 'i love you'. i froze and pretended i was asleep.


way too fast, daniel.. Its scary. i didn't know how to respond. the oh-so-familiar warning signs flashed in my face and my first thought was to bolt.


he is wonderful. still my dream guy and perfect is so many ways..but it is a little scary still. 

last night he bought me a toothbrush. the exact same one as the one i have at home. the exact color and brand. i was very touched its by far the sweetest gift ever.. but seeing my toothbrush lying next to his in the bathroom is so official! and scary. makes me feel like Meredith. who keeps running away from the perfect guy. 

so be patient with me, my love. im getting there! i just take things at my own pace and sometimes that means im much slower than you are..


  1. ;)
    Hey missy, not sure if I've missed out on the congragulatory note but yeah, good one missy and have fun planning with your little big do!
    And very sweet entry, this one. We've all had our "mumbled something" moments but glad its all working more "dream" guy, its real now so lap it all up!

  2. Re: ;)
    thanks sweetheart! :) hope you're safe and very very happy in australia! *hugs*


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