Thursday, March 6, 2008

spreading the good news..

okaayyy... granted she is shy about it but im super excited for jerine!! woohoo!! check out the bling! ;) congrats again and again!! im the only one getting all flustered and thrilled about her engagement the other girls all went "oh! ya i heard about it!" and i jump in squealing and give her hugs all over again.. how random! 

anywhos, i was trying to get peeps to watch the march dance performance for DES with me but all my regular khaki were either busy or out of town! (you know who you are..) and i completely forgot about jerine.. oops! but we made it eventually! and caught up over tongheng pastries!!! and she told me how he proposed and we did the entire gigglish-girly thing!! she is the first dancer to get engaged!! trying to convince her that she needs to engage the dance company's tailor and get our measurements done performance style and get us dresses!! yayyyy.... i like!

the blissful bride-to-be & her rock..

the performance was great! ;) we had fun and was utterly amazing at the flexibility the male guest performer! wow!! there were the familiar faces and items as well that made us go "awww... we miss all these" and when we took a peek into the program booklet, this is what we saw!!

kaikai!! check out who's that on the right!! we're still famous can??

after the performance, we all hung out backstage with the dancers and chatted out heads off about everything under the sun! gossipping about other dancers, costumes, jobs, double-layered falsies(!!) until we got kicked out because they had to go for dinner.. found out that shiji is going to New York to get her masters in choreography afterall.. and she is leaving in august! thats so soon. im not used to having my friends leave me.. it used to be always the other way round.. ;( but if that makes her happy and its her life-long dream, then i wish her all the best!!


  1. hey, i was also very happy and thrilled for her, the moment i knew bout it.. I kept asking her how he proposed and stuff and I was fill of envy hee.. sorry bout the march performance thingy..hopefully i can make it for the april one.. haha.. you are in that picture.. hahhaa..sadly, no me..

  2. by elimination, im thinking you must be xuling right??!!

  3. yes yes, its me xuling.. sorry i didnt put my name.. haha..

  4. its ok babe.. im smart my own little way! ;)
    get a blog account! i lock a lot of my entries so i can add you and you can read as well...

  5. hee, its ok... I am too lazy to blog.. I jus like to read friend's blogs to keep myself updated of things..

  6. you don't have to blog to have an account. you can just sign up and leave it blank
    your friends can then add you in turn and you can access to their locked entries.

  7. yeah!!! thanks zhing, I have an account now le.. please add ne as a friend k?

  8. choreography
    I think its amazing that shiji is going to New York to get her masters in choreography afterall..i think choreography is an amazing think to study, especially if it means making your life long dream come true!
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    all the best!!

  9. Re: choreography
    thank you i will pass on the message to her.. ;)


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