Monday, March 10, 2008

my dress! ;)

just the other day, i was at a bridesmaid fitting for my bride.. 

oops this is a digression but i noticed this trend! (both in the states and back here in singapore as well!) by looking at the bride, you can typically guage quite accurately how her bridal party looks/behaves!! its quite a judgemental statement to make i know but its largely true!! maybe it is true that birds of the feather flock together! 

anywhos, back to the bridesmaid fitting! ALL the bridesmaids were model-stick thin! and throughout the entire fitting it was non-stop comments about :"oh my, i wish i would wear this style because i can't cos im too slim across my chest" or "see auntie, she has two kids already! and her waist is so small!" or "wah.. see my arm fats! (non-existent) auntie can make sleeves for my TUBE dress? " WAH LAO! i nearly died.. so i wallowed in self-pity and buried myself in piles of magazines while they compared the size of their "thunder" thighs the size of my wrist!! how gross can?? 

but ANYWAY... tadah!!

this is a full length shot of my dress!! on the bcbg spring runway model's body!! 

pity i don't look as ravishing she does!! and check out her chest!! its bony like my bridesmaids!! (which i really really like..i mean the boney chest not the bridesmaids..) but i love my dress still! ;)


  1. "which i really really like..i mean the boney chest not the bridesmaids.." LOL.
    I absolutely love that dress! You have really good taste. :)

  2. thank you!! ;)
    its really swishy so i can salsa dance in it...


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