Monday, March 10, 2008

things i learn about myself..

in my own eyes, i think i know all there is to know about myself. but sometimes it takes another pair of eyes to tell you what you NOT know...

this morning, daniel told me about this funny (in his opinion..) incident just as i was drifting off to my sleep. i jumped up yelling in shock and he held me tight (bless his heart) and told me everything was ok... and i told him i was scared. when he asked what i was scared about, i repeated "i am scared" (right.. very consistently un-descriptive..) and him being daniel won't let things slide EVEN if i was only sleep talking and awfully tired... so he asked again. and i said " i don't want things to change.." and fell asleep finally in his arms. i have absolutely no recollection of how, why or what i was talking about but daniel assumed it was in reference to our our currently perfect situation (which kinda makes more sense..) whereas instinctively, i thought i meant i didn't need a change of clothes.. hah!

wow! i did't know that the relationship stressed me that much that i think and worry about it in my sleep. yikes~! at least it wasn't as bad as the last time round when wenhong held me in my sleep while i repeatedly called derek's name for an entire 6 months. and wen never told me... ;(

woman, you need to take the chill pill.

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  1. spoke to daniel about me being stressed. and he said he did think about it. and figured out that its not necessarily a bad thing. cos i do care about it enough to want to work at it... (which is what really matters half the time)
    so i think i've got a gem there!
    also told him about the wen incident(seriously, is there such a thing as too much information?) but he wants to find out so i just told him..


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