Tuesday, February 19, 2008

in our full crepe-revelry

okay, it may not be as quaint and fancy as the ones in france.. but i HAD to have crepes...(going through a crepe phrase.. will pass soon hopefully) so i coerced the entire family to go to " out of the pan" at raffles city after church last week.. the ambience is very casual, relaxed and unpretentious! perfect place for sunday brunch and papers! except if it were outdoors i would reckon a hugher following! no fancy silverware, no atas crowd. we sat perched on the edge of the water fountain/display thingie. it was hilarious watching the kids marvel and shriek at the gushing water. (really.. but it was only hilarious for like 5 mins then it started getting frustrating haha..)

dad said the latte was amazing and tengsy's seafod crepe was yummy too! but i could hardly finish my own mushroom crepe..

sneakily tried to convince teng he NEEDED dessert at Canele cos i wanted to try Chef Pang's meringue but alas he said he was done after polishing the remains of mine and mum's meal! (*tsk* women and their diets..) but Canele is so pretttyyyyyy i wanna bride that agrees to let me go mad with a Canele wedding cake!! they are so pretty...

hmm and since im putting together a brunch-theme basket.. any thought on what else i can throw in other than a cookbook and a crepe thingie? hmm.. went all the way to carefour to find the savoury crepe mix boss recommended!! but i got distracted by Schu's discount (which was AMAZING!! shoes ranging from $25 onwards!!) and didn't make it to tower 4 of suntec before i had to rush back to meet dick.. *sigh* 


and just last week i was compiling a short shopping list of demands from japan when we a conversation that went something like that..

Z: hey babe, yingjie wants to get this good luck charm for kenny.
D: huh? a charm?
Z: y'know? like those little papers from temple you put into like fabric bags with cutesy patterns?
D: huh? *still distracted by ski poles* so i need to go to a temple?
Z: no.. i think you can buy it off the shelf. 
D: what did you call that again?
Z: urm... *scratches head* urm.. a CAR- "FU"?? 
D: -_- 

seriously what in the world do you call those little things? 

and do you REALLY buy it off the shelves? can you imagine when you run out of the TOTO-"fu" and need more, do you yell to the monk in the stock-take room and he takes a box of it out from the shelves?


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