Tuesday, February 19, 2008

sappy mess of mush...

after a short phone call with the boy in the snow who called to interrupt my work day because he was feeling a little blue today and wanted to hear my voice..

*cue awwww...*

ok. im actually quite the cling-aphobic. cannot tolerate sticky boys.. i need space. need to breath. but i actually find his sappiness very refreshingly fun and hilarious! makes him more endearing.

he text me "ok. i'm back in balance again! ;) and you don't need a joke to make me smile, just a shrug/smile and to look at me the way you do ;)" awwww.... 

cant wait till he comes home! 5 more days only. 

i've banned him from being grumpy when his influx of emails come flooding through his blackberry.. ;) wee heee saturday cant come any sooner..


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