Sunday, December 23, 2007

finally 25!!! 26, here we come!!

celebrated the 'baby sister''s birthday on wednesday, marking the last of us turning a quarter centry! and lets talk about something else before i launch in my 'ohmygosh..i feel so old' speech!! we met at Central which is one of the many shopping malls that just popped out of nowhere in my absence! seriously! they are just appearing like mushrooms! so hard to keep up. just the other night i was bitched at for not knowing where riverside point!! what kind of singaporean am i?? *tsk*

we settled into manhattan fish market cos we didn't make reservations and couldn't be bumped into waruku pasta resto! such a shame! i did want to try that out!! but it wasn't too bad afterall. kinda like the Fish & Co. , affordable and decent seafood served in a paella-styled seafood platter to share!

let the pictures do the talking..

10 years of sisterhood and counting...

with specific instuctions to 'open your eyes, boon!'

love these trio-bubble chairs in Central! we were hovering waiting for one of these to free up! and yes, i do need to learn how to sit more lady-like!

and since the birthday gal gets to pick post-dinner activites, she said she wanted to 'play games' so we trooped over to Settlers' Cafe. (though i initially shuddered when she suggested that. brought back memories of us playing truth and dare at Macs in our teens..) My first visit there so it was very fascinating. For the uninitiated, you get to pick from their huge selection of board games and they serve finger food and drinks till late into the night!! and the servers working there knows how to play every game so no need to waste time figuring out and reading instructions!

and being the adult-ADD self, i was demanding to game change every 5 mins when i got bored so we must have went through 12 games in one short evening! true value of our buck!

the girlies posing with this crazy balancing tower of pisa game!

another crazy catapult the monkey on the tree game! i did so badly in this... so i had to take a picture of my red monkey perched on the edge of the tree after my 18763465th attempt! yooohoo!!!

got bored and started giving boon grief for his crooked teeth!

oh! and i got the word 'make out' during charades. easy peasy right? but no, when i turned around to face boon, i broke out into giggles and couldn't do anything vaguely sexy! *tsk* so juvenile...


  1. Woah! this sure looks like a FUN evening! the cafe seem really interesting! and you look very good with your top! those sash around your tiny waist! really make your figure stand out! *drools*

  2. should go hang out there! it is indeed a lot of fun and no need to clean up after that!! hehe..
    thanks for our compliments!! =)


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