Sunday, December 23, 2007

chilling billing with the bestie..


me and qian chilling at Ambrosia after mango lassi, mint tea and some mediterranean grub! the turk crostini (like hummus) wasn't as fabulous as the lebanese resto in london but it was nice and cosy and very quiet! perfect for a lazy friday evening to catch up with the gal! and presented her with her 'false engagement'' present.. lol.. *sigh* im stressing suman quite a bit man!

worthy of mention, thought i'd try my luck again at parallel parking since the last time i was quite the hero, situating shaun's car right smack in the middle of a lot BUT nay, it was a one off thing i guess! we had to get the help of this cheekopeh uncle to park out cars and run out cos he was lurking around and asking how we can 'thank' him. i guess i'll stick to cabbing in future.

oh! and our coordinating outfits - pure coincidence!


  1. EEEEE!!! Dirty old man!! my gosh!
    anyway, both you girls look good! and you look fine with your hair pulled back! :D

  2. i know! too bad i cant help myself and parallel park!! if not i won't have to depend on random people in the street!!!


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