Wednesday, October 17, 2007

afternoon with the yanyans..

my fault for being too casually dressed.. i told everyone i wanted to hang out at AMK hub cos i have not been there.. truth is, i was done in 20 mins! so we adjourned to B&Js at Dempsey.. Koon knew the owner and told us its her regular hangout spot! seriously, i couldn't help but feel old cos this is the same little gal that i helped put on fake eye lashes in the past and now she is recommending neat ice-cream joints to us?? 


but it was a very pretty afternoon to be out zipping around town with the gals and catching up from where we last left off! its hilarious the things we remember from each of our adventures, being yelled at, stranded in LAX airport makes all these years of hardwork, sweat and pain from dance all worth its while.. =)


  1. Hey, you're looking fine! not underdressed or what imo. :)
    I've heard about this ice-cream joint. should pop by soon. Glad you had fun! ;p

  2. no.. seriously you didn't see my footwear! It was a hoot.. i look like auntie going to market!
    you really should its really fun and cute inside.. we were nestled in the corner with elevated hole in the wall!! very neat experience..


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