Wednesday, October 17, 2007

i spy with my little eye...

and for once, without my eyeglasses or contacts!! yippee!!! lasik was a success and im happier than a fish in water! =)

me and my horrid myopia (ranging between 950 - 1050) has gone wayyy back to kindergarten! then it was such a privileged! on top of being angmoh-sounding in class, i had the cutest (and on hindsight ugliest) metal frames with ladybugs on the rims... *thanks mom..* and through out primary school, i would be the blindest bat in the cave.. i always proudly announced at bed times during dance camps that if there were an emergency, i would be the only one stranded trying to feel for my specs in the dark! hehe..

but those days are over! not without an exorbitant price tag(super duper ouch on the pockets) but im not complaining! my doc, prof heng from TTSH is wonderful. very patient with my 101 questions and very confident with the procedure. 

im loving my new eyes! *jumps for joy*

next on the medical to-do list: yank out all 4 of my wisdom teeth.. yikes!


  1. Oooh... congrats!!! Mine is scheduled for 5th November.. and I am little jittery cos I am also removing a small growth tog with LAsik.
    Any advice?

  2. nothing different from anyone else can tell you! =)
    be good, don't wear contact for a week before surgery, remember to put eyedrops hourly after surgery. stay calm and focus on the red blinking light. its a breeze and ends before you even know it! =) think happy thoughts..
    oh be very careful when cuddling your gals after that.. a lady that did hers with me had her daughter scratch her eye.. *eeks*
    jia you, mong! you can do it!!

  3. Congrats!! Happy for you! no more needing to wear contacts or specs ever!! YEAH! =D

  4. i know!! this morning i woke up trying to feel for my specs and realized "hey! i can see!" such a doofus...

  5. So lucky! I would get my eyes done too... But uh, first I need to get the cash. Haha. But yeah... yay for no glasses or contacts. ^.^

  6. hehe get it done soon. in the wise words of my friend, its seems daunting but after you are done, makes you wonder why you didn't do it earlier..

  7. hehee lasik is wonderful isn't it?
    cheers to our lasik-ed eyes! =)

  8. *clink champagne glasses* cant wait till i can wear make up and go out! (ok im sounding awfully shallow here..)
    p.s. any decent dental surgeon to recommend that does not cost me an arm and a leg? my 4 wisedom teeth are growing in wrong direction and embedded!

  9. you have to wait a month post-op to wear makeup? i waited 2 months, just in case.
    about your wisdom teeth-if they are totally embedded ( not erupted at all), you can leave them alone, unless they're causing u pain.
    otherwise, i can recommend my clinic's oral surgeon. by the way wisdom tooth surgeries are 100% claimable by medisave ( including x-rays, medication and reviews)
    can email me for more details if you want.


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