Friday, September 7, 2007

so, who did the trend for pointed-toe shoes start??

manolo who?? Long before they ever made an appearance on Sex and the City, pointed shoes were favored by Polish nobles, who introduced the fashion to England on a diplomatic visit in the 1300s. The shoes, dubbed "crackowes" or "poulaines"- afters Krakow, Poland - were so long that a chain running from tow to knee was often required to keep them from dragging. in 1363, the English attempted to rein in the look by law, assigning shoe spans to social classes. Commoners could sport footwear with toes up to 6 inches, which those in the royal ranks were allowwed a full two feet in lenght (?!!)

and what's the connection between Shakespeare and raincoats??

Gabardine, a water repellent fabric invented by Burberry, got its first mention from Shakespeare. The Bard used the word in The Merchant of Venice to refer to a coarse cloak worn as protection from storms. During World War I, British officers on the front lines kept warm and dry in a uniform coat made of the material - the origional Burberry trench.

super cool!!

reference: Real Simple magazine.

( as for the pointy shoes, thank you, poland!)


  1. oooh...... zhinnnnnneeeeeeeee become so smart!!! wahahahaha.. miss u so much zhin-ger-ling!!

  2. i miss you too dearie.. *hugs* i will be home soon den we can hang out again! and have sunday brunch... (like we used to.)


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