Sunday, September 9, 2007

10 things i love about miami & keywest!!

1. but of course.. the sun, the sand and the sea!! (see how clear the water was??)

2. beautiful Setai!! with amazing interior decorating & a beautiful bar & lounge. their Passion Martini was the bomb! passion fruit puree, passionfruit liquer, cranberry juice mixed with chilli padi seed. an excellent mix of sour, sweet and spicy.. just like love!

3. long beach walks to catch sunrise and sunset! its amazing how health concious people are here. there are so many joggers and roller-bladers it made me feel like exercising as well!

4. Wonderful crepes from Le Creperie which i got to practise my francaise. "un crepe avec glace et banane et nutella!" "oui!! tres delicieux!"

5. my lovely hotel room!! luxury at its simplest!

6. simple "parisian style" brekkie everyday with buttered croissant and fresh juice and a copy of the latest newspaper & a lovely view. i would wake up in a jiffy if i have that waiting on me every morning!

7. trotting down the streets of Key West completely soaking wet... & visiting Hemingway's home and fav. pub - Sloppy Joe's. (me biting into my sloppy joe's, a ground beef stuffed sandwich.. very very messy and difficult to eat! hence the name! )

8. the 3 hour drive to key west with unspoilt scenery that completely took my breath away.

9. the countless indulgent meals from swanky restaurant to chillax pubs to roadside turkish kerbabs!! yums... *burps*

10. just being away.



  1. Arh girl!! you are looking so lovely and happy!! the hotel room looks great and cozy! you must be having a wonderful time!! enjoy more! :)

  2. it was lovely! to have a break and so nothing!!!
    more adventures to come!

  3. wahahaha... indeed the water is VERY clear... can see ur cleavage..... wahahahahhaa.... :P

  4. Superb!
    Oh.My.God! The scenery is breath-taking not forgettin ur peak-a-boo cleavage *aint a perv* its juz right there in ur face k.
    Tell me about it. With a brekkie, beach & place like dat, I would be outta my bed in just a min flat!
    P.S. U take fab pics, Zhingy..
    love love.

  5. Re: Superb!
    it was not meant to be!!! gosh! i really need to watch the pictures i post before i get banned by LJ! *grins*
    love you too babe..

  6. everything looks absolutely fabulous!

  7. it was! and was very different and a breath of fresh air from the little town i live in!!!


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