Monday, August 27, 2007

my new toes...

... are a shade of "St Petersburgundy"!! 

i would take pictures of my toesy but they look really weird in posed pictures! the more i look at them, the more awkwardly queer it seems!! Went to ULTA (usa's version of sasa..) and decided i had enough of my summer colors of bright pinks, greens and crazy blues. Heralding the fall, OPI had a new collection called the Russian!! deliciously rich and opulent shades of deep reds and dark blues, mauve and black!! 

 "St petersburgundy : an aristocratic shade of claret" 

absoulutelyngorgeous color with the new exclusive "wide brush" techonology which made painting a breeze! and the best part is, its only $7.50! (man!!  im going to miss these OPI prices after i go home..) i keep staring at my toesy at the pool today!! i likey! 

on the note of prettifying myself, my orthodontist will not be a happy man (not that he is not grumpy enough..) i broke my interior metal retainers, ate it and now my bottom front teeth is crooked!! *eeks*


  1. Mauve!! i love mauve! and did you say deep, dark mauve?!

  2. yes. very delicious deep shade of mauve. very rich! you should get! =)

  3. ohh, you're making me so tempted!! what the name of it? which ones you rec? :p

  4. I just went to the web!! ohh gosh, I love the "SIBERIAN NIGHTS", "MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW" & "SUZI SAYS DA!"!! I must go and find if spore oreadi has it! thanks girl! :)

  5. welcome! =) haha you are like a little gal in a candy store going "wah!!!"


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