Monday, August 27, 2007

blue talon..

my wonderful friend ,amy ,who drove 1 hour in traffic to have dins with me in Colonial Williamsburg! and we had to pick the hottest spot in town to dine. we made pre dinner plans cos we were both early and dinner resevations was made at 7:30pm! but finding a parking spot was a 40 min affair!!! me and amy survived numerious horror kids programs and disastrous events and im so proud of her new job though it takes her so far away from me..

the menu was wonderful! a full range of salads, sandwiches to full sized entrees and dessert! we settled for escargots (which was so fresh it tasted like cheese) fresh french bread, french onion soup, duck confit salad, creme brulee and pear pastry with home maid fig icecream!! with their summer splash of house white vin! absolutely delish and crisp to the palate on the warm sticky summer night!

the interior of the restaurant was too dark for pictures but very quaint and french kitchen-y styled and we fit like a glove in a cozy nook away from the crazy friday evening crowd!! and service was excellent and very well paced!! the two of us giggled like school girls and talked hroughout dinner and walked through colonial williamsburg afterwhich to work off the well-worth calories..

we talked about dating websites, feet in warm sand, crazy 80s music we love, our dream event, ideal job, ex boyfriends and sucky breakups and the real estate of dating. saturday & friday nights are supposedly reserved for hot dates and only for people who are special.. so in reviewing the date offer from a certain man of the past, i will have to politely decline.

after a long tedious week at work, only comparable to a long swag on a wet cigarrette... the evening, like the food, was deliciously refreshing and invorigating. and amy, my deario cheerio, and i'll see you in london someday!


  1. she is indeed very precious.. and as much as i bitch about her being 1 hr away, im flying 21 hours away from her.. =(

  2. I am sure the friendship and bond you gals share will not be affected by distance and hours away! but it's sad to know that you're actually "leaving something behind" thou. :(

  3. yeah!! its a good thing she is a fellow globetrotter that is excited to visit Asia!


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