Friday, August 31, 2007

my glamourous send away gift...


someone from the kitchen didn't get the memo that LV is monogrammed all over.. haha.. and their excuse was, they couldn't find my purse and im the only spoilt brat around with a sample! *roll eyes* but it was a beautiful cake (with exquisite details! check out the buckle!!) with a choc and vanilla buttercream center soaked in yummy kahlua!!

pretty! with my "LV" fondant luggage tag...

bosslady and me!!! (thanks kelly, you're the best!)

office peeps stacking in front of the typewriter with my robin blue box in hand. (i wonder where its from!) very very spoilt.. and seriously, check out what im wearing! my frumpy old pink sweater was so glamourous, match with my 1000 degree eye glasses, totally hawt! *roll eyes..*


  1. ohmyverygosh!!!
    that's the coolest cake i've ever seen. :)
    how far we've come from 'swimming pool' sweet kewpie cakes from downstairs bakeries..
    you look happy and loved - it's a skill you knoe?
    come back soon. xo.

  2. I love that cake!!! and the LV monogram... wah.....

  3. this is the coolest cake I've ever seen and the only one that can make me go "I want it too!"
    your colleagues are sweet!

  4. Re: ohmyverygosh!!!
    i know!! if only it was entirely monogrammed!! sweeet! =)

  5. love it too!! im sure you can pull this design very well!

  6. Re: ohmyverygosh!!!
    thanks! i love it to bits! but i do miss kewpie cakes!! and those froufrou cream-filled fake barbiedoll cakes!!
    i will be home before you know it, my love!

  7. Looks like you made a lot of good friends while you were here.

  8. your user icons are always so cute!! the friends i made are for keeps..

  9. Thanks.
    Good friends are definitely hard to find.


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