Monday, September 3, 2007

taking an executive lunch..

its a standing joke in the office, taking an executive lunch is a loooooong un-interrupted lunch. long both in distance and in timing.. a very rare luxury often enjoyed by executives/people of higher levels and us little inklings stay in the employee cafeteria and eat in the fumes of everyday sweat and labor. (just kidding.. our employee cafe has pretty decent stuff occasionallybut since its my last week out, we decided to go out to a place of my choice! and naturally, i picked Nathan's! the best hotdog place in town...

zhing.. whole point of lunch is to NOT pick up calls from the office!!

the girls in full force: jessie, katherine, jodi, moi, janet and katie!

note to self: one way to not get horrid weight-related remarks is to date a guy with bigger frame! i totally look like Mrs Beckham here!!! (p.s. i luve chefie.. but he's taken!!)

or alternatively, not eat unhealthy food like this... *roll eyes*

posing with our greasy grub.. before janet read the ENTIRE history of Nathan hotdogs from Coney Island to us!!!

us very happy and contented!!

the hotdogs and fries were AWESOME!!!

afterwhich, we went shopping in the general store for webkins (these little online pets with a real-life fuzzy toy! you win games/quizzes to buy new houses... )the girls wanted to compete whose house is prettier and so our pets can come over and play!! it felt like im back in primary school playing tamagotchi all over again!!!  and who could have guess why nobody was in the mood to go back to the office afterwards!! haha..


  1. wow the hotdogs looks yummy! wat a great lunch you had!

  2. i know!!! high in calories as well!! =)


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