Thursday, August 23, 2007

my day..

took a halfday off today because it was national "i love zhingy" day, so i call it. in their terms, my farewell luncheon.. it was such a beautiful day to be sitting on Jill's porch admiring the James river and the perfectly manicured golf course.. seriously, nothing better than lotsa green and unblocked view of the beautiful river... and her house was simply amazingly!! it was elegantly crafted with simple touches of virginian french decoration, french windows and blinds and tall tall ceilings!! (her husband is the director of engineering at colonial williamsburg so he knew people that brought in marble and grade AAA parquet from all round the world!!) walking around her house was just simply breathtaking. just like walking through a showroom...i was drooling over her plush sofas and beautiful lawn furniture. she casually mention "yeah we're thinking of fixing a jaccuzi & steambath at the back porch so we can sit in it during the dead of winter"! *faints..*

on of the things im gonna love the most is this bunch of people i work with on a daily basis. their job titles are "event attendants" and they pretty much do everything from tying bows, re-arranging warehouse, help setting up, meet & greet at airports, bring groups on tours and dinners, our extra hands and eyes in the department! it was an absolute pleasure working with these people

im going to miss you folks a whole lot...

happy flower/ luau theme..

my lovely host & host-of-honor, jill & maribel..

me & nancy : got laid!!! 'lei'-ed (oops..)

strawberry pie by maribel..

nancy's "better than sex" dessert...

Katie's tiramisu cake..

Jill's tuna wraps with delish peppers relish!! (going to buy myself a jar tomorrow..)

jimbo's (wife's) chicken & olive salad.

watergate salad! (awesome dessert style salad with marshies and pistachios and pineapples.. very refreshing and delightful!)

Jill's devil eggs..killer! they were awesome..

present time!! =) look at how smiley i am.. three's a charm..

and the story behind the bracelet is, i have always grabbed their charm bracelets and made them tell me where they got each and every charm from. each of these ladies (southern tradition i guess..) have their own charm bracelets with charms from every place they visited and this is mine to start from this day on.. (i'll make sure i'll find one from each location i visit later this month!)

thanks my lovely friends!!


  1. Ohh wat great pals!! and the food look delish! You look great in your dress girl!! :D

  2. Wow!! That looks like a great party and the food looks inviting. We are going to miss you in US!! Come back and visit us!

  3. pretty dress and lovely curls in your hair!
    looks like you're gonna have a hard time leaving that place!

  4. thanks! my curls are my biggest nightmare! i love your straight jet back hair! i guess the grass is always greener on the other side!

  5. i will!! the food was awesome.
    i got them to write down their recipe to add to my book!! =)


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