Monday, August 20, 2007

getting used to the new..

wow! my guess is this is not something new to 90 % of singaporeans but i came face to face with this snazzy little device today when i was trying to log into my internet banking!!( although.. im really impressed with the fact that they thought of changeable device skin in two colors!) me and devices like that don't function very well.. the swiss bank had something like that too with the pin code embedded and i woke the entire korean clan up from their semi-comatose dvd-watching/msn-ing state in the common study grounds to figure it out for me.. 

and this little cutesy thing-aling is stopping me from making my first singaporean purchase to welcome me home (any excuse i can get to justify more internet shopping...) *grins* since i capped my shopping limit here due to luggage weight constraints, it doesn't hurt to have something delivered straight to my door step right?? but no... dbs must jump in to stop me!! 

hmmm.. maybe its a sign and my purchase can wait till i come home and sort out all these logistics! oh man..  what if the waiting list is too long and it gets sold out! .. oh and i need to purchase a new cellphone, direct all my mail to my home address once again and unpack my bags & boxes...

i don't like new things.. give me the old!! i just want to fit right in like a used snug glove... no drama, no extra work.. *boohoo*


  1. ohh, i hate this device! like internet banking is supposed to be convenient! this totally reversed it!

  2. i know!! now my bank account is frozen till i come home to activate this device..


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