Tuesday, August 14, 2007

jamestown pie company...

we went out of our usual post-church routine and cruised down jamestown road in search for the pie company!! it was nothing like what i expected. i was thinking frilly old house with momma's home baked pies.. but it was a container with outdoor brick chairs picnic style!! but the menu was wonderful.  they had a great selection of pizza pies, deep dish pies and dessert selection!!!

we were like kids in a candy store and finally settled for a Parma Pizza. it was yummeroos! the crust was less filling and chewy than the regular pizza dough and the toppings were anything but skimpy!! i loved it! =) Marcin did too!! he kept raving about the pizza throughout the entire meal!!

afterwhich we did a lil bit of lazing around, grocery shopping for our rhode-island style chilli dogs and decided to join Cole & James at College Creek... lazy and peaceful sunday breezed by this way before we cuddled in and fell asleep ready for a new week to come..

the weeks we have together can be counted in one hand.. no clue how many more sundays we can enjoy this way.. its sad. but yet very real. just like how we like it...

peace out.. my polish boy is coming to get me from work!!


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