Wednesday, July 11, 2007

operation prettify myself: failed.

im going to miss employee spa 50% off day AGAIN this month cos im working on the first evening and on the second, its koko's surprise pirate-themed party! ARRRRR!!!! this time round, we utlized an e-vite this time round as its a lot more convenient and cost-efficient! and the "yayy"s and "nay"s are hilarious!

AARGH!!!! I wilst partake of the rum (and perhaps a winch or 2) and hope to not have any gold left in me pouch at the end of the night.

Arrrrrrrrrr!!!!! I wilst be der matey! Arrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! I wilst spanks heem with mein hook! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!! I'm taking the Wench and her kids (mine too!) on vacation. I'll drink a few for Mikey!

back to my spa woes... my tired face was looking forward to a nice pore-cleansing Signature Facial with Kelp Treatment!! sound gross but i heard your face comes out refreshed and babysoft!!! i better start slapping on masques and creams cos i can see signs of old age and sun damage. *tsk*


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