Friday, July 6, 2007

happy 4th July! =)

yayy to fireworks, off-days and friends.. we ran up the hill and sat in the grass, took tubies (shots in a test tubes!) and exchanged hugs while watching the treetops! the view was awesome.. and rolled back downhill back to our tables! it was a fun and easy evening at the marina..

in moments like that, i always feel the impulse to call everyone and yell "i love you!!"

this was me and alex.

"hey! hon! happy 4th!"
"happy independance, zhingy!!"
"surprise for you, alex!!"
"me & judy are coming to visit next wednesday"
"great! what time?"
"we're driving so probably early in the morning"
"do you wanna stay with me?"
"oh! i naturally assumed. and you better make sure you take us out for dindins on Wed! "
"ok! i love you!!"
"i love you too!!"
"ok! i gotta call someone else! byeee"
(whoever heard our conversation must have thought im the most demanding friend ever!)

i love 4th of july celebrations. very chill-out, non dramatic and fun!! and coming back to my big-girl job today was tough. it felt exactly like a monday...


  1. WOWWWWWW.... this is sooooo beautiful!!! =D
    ohh, and happy 4th july too! wateva this means. =p

  2. its america's independance day! =)


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