Wednesday, July 4, 2007

work pictures...

this wedding was a quick and painless one! the look was preppy with bright pink and green. They played with centerpieces with limes and placecards were held by green limes! very interesting contrast and rather innovative and cheap centerpieces to use on receptions!!

also loved her fruit punch stations! the punch was pink with limes floating on top to tie in with the theme!

cake & centerpieces! the cake was very detailed and cute! i love the details on each layer and how the cake is an extension of the wedding favors (white boxes of chocs with green bow)!!! very cute! and her centerpieces were made of her mom's collection of silverware and pewter tea sets! very personal but that woman sure did have a collection of them. there was 8 sets out there in total! 

the ballroom was so-so. the bright pink drew the lift out of the rustic looking ballroom but it did pop out in pictures! i loved the way the bride wrote a little something about each of the bridesmaid and grooms man for their introduction. made it more personal and fun! =)


  1. hi pretty! Nice cake there!!! I really like your job girl.. so interesting and colourful. good for you! =D

  2. looking at the cake makes me crave cake!
    i touchd down in new york on the 4th july but no fireworks in time square . i only saw the fireworks on TV the day after.

  3. awww. how long are you going to be there! im going next week! =)

  4. thanks i love it too.. i hope i get the variety in colors and themes in Singapore as well!!

  5. This sounds silly... but are you a wedding planner?


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