Wednesday, June 13, 2007

rides, icecreams & cotton candy..

Busch Gardens, as always, was a blast. i don't quite know if i appreciate seeing work people popping out from every nook and cranny... it was a by-invites only employee event with a picnic dinner at black forest! they had a selection of burnt burgers, skinny hotdogs and composed salads.. *shrugs* i had some furit and a couple of hotdogs. nothing to rave about. and since it was a weekday evening, there was no crowds and the queue for rides were at most 20mins!

Griffon. everyone's favorite. its a vertical 205 feet 90 degree drop, the park's latest attraction and coined as one of the most exciting rides in US.. but im too much of a chicken to ride it.

but i did ride the Apollo's Charriott which in my opion was the scariest ride in the park! i really dislike the huge drops. makes my heart stop and the weightlessness is nerve-wrecking! but i made it ok.

the rest of the evening was lovely, we took long walks around the parks, hopping onto any ride with no queue. running to France to get icecream and wave at peeps from the choo choo train. anything out of the office was a lovely change!

Me & Judy with Eric's boy in Germany!

Katherine, Janet, Amos, Jessie and me, making wine in Italy!

Jodi, Katherine and myself in England with our sweets! *yums*


  1. Hye babe..
    You must be realy stressed at work cos it certainly looks like you've lost weight!! take care of urself ya!
    Love ya!!!

  2. The ride looks like real fun! and you're always looking so cheerful girl. sure look like you enjoyed yourself very much!

  3. little did you know i deleted a whole bunch of pictures cos of my tummy!!! haha i was sucking in!!! love you too..

  4. hahaha im always happy with food and beer around.. *grins* cant ask for more!!


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