Tuesday, June 12, 2007

mushroom noodles.

having stayed away from home for a while, i noticed this, with much amusement. we go through great lengths to find places and things, particularly food that remind us of home.

ok and i confess. nissin cup noodles top the "food i miss" list. *tummy rumbles*

every sunday is my grocery shopping day and we will try out best to go to Trader's Joe in Newport News. They have the best selection of organic food, fresh fruits and frozen dinners. There is no preservatives, sodium frees and all that healthy stuff without stripping food of its flavour. and guess what i found this week!!! *whoops in excitement!*

see the picture? looks and sound like mushroom bak chor mee soup right? but boy was i wrong. it tasted like string, chewy and tasteles.. and mushroom bits were so tiny i had to dig for it.. but the soup wasn't too bad. it was salty and had a little mushroom broth taste to it..


GOD SAVE AMERICA! they need REAL cup noodles!!!!


  1. yea girl, nissin tom yam rocks!

  2. Eat....
    ... less cup noodles... >.< bad for you...
    Your Personal Nagger

  3. Re: Eat....
    haha.. got it.
    i know, i know.


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