Monday, June 25, 2007

granny's recipe

of the many things that we have come to terms that we will disagree with (eg, the length of my shorts, the height of my heels, the tan-ness of my skin, the freckles on my face, my height..), me and my grandma shares a very unusual relationship. (and i really do hope she will never ever find my blog.) for one, i think she picks on me because im a girl and the only girl at that for 12 years. but according to dad, (and he is infamous for his peacemaking attempts) it brightens up her day to get phonecalls from me.. so i try my best to call as often as i can.

for the life of her (bless her heart..) she cannot fathom why this dear grandchild of hers don't eat papayas and fish. Every single time i call, we end up with the frustrating conversation of whether i've started eating papayas. why would i?? especially when papayas are a scarcity and very very pricey fruit here!! and EVERY single phone conversation will end with her repeating her steamed cod fish recipe and making me promise i will make it.

*huge sigh*

but here you go, granny!! 

Granny's recipe:
soy sauce
ginger slices
green onions "chong"
sour plums
chinese mushrooms
chinese cooking white wine
tomato slices

1) assemble all and steam till its cooked
2) eat with rice and lots of vegetables. (don't add too much salt.)

haha.. she is so adorable. well, i had nothing but the cod fish and the soy sauce. so i replaced her ingredients with whatever i could find in my fridge:

Zhing's recipe:
soy sauce
ginger powder
parsley flakes
lemon juice
button mushroom (from can)
regular white wine

the end result was delicious! and healthy i guess, coupled it with corn on the cobb! and i plated it fancy so i can take a picture... in fact, i feel so healthy and hungry that i think im going to bake a batch of choc chip cookies now!! *grins*

love you, nai nai! =)
(in my own quirky way..)

p.s. hey dad! print the pic for gran, will ya??


  1. This is soo soo sweet.. what a great granny you have. =) it's nice to have someone nag us like that isn't it. I miss it..

  2. hmm.. yeah its great most of the time. but sometimes *shamed-faced* it gets very frustrating..


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