Sunday, June 24, 2007

to give is better than to get!

ever since i bought my air tickets (part of it), i have been planning for my going-away!

my to-do list:
1) ship duvet & Ralph Lauren sheets & pillows to London (for song..)
2) pack boxes to ship home
3) decide which ones to toss, and which ones to keep
4) plan 2-wk vacation in US
5) going-away party
6) gifts for my office peeps

and while shopping with Rash, we both agreed that (5) was more tricky than the rest!! i mean, its silly to buy made in USA stuff cos they will obviously know where its from and unless we get family to ship special items from home.. we have no other options! so i thought of some options!

what you think?


  1. r those chocolates? the wrappers look v v pretty! hmm...i support chocolates! btw, they look like wedding favours;)

  2. they are! but i only get to pick ONE scent!! dunno which one to pick!

  3. i love the chocs too! yeah they deliver the foil and the wrapper, i go buy hersheys(in any different flavor) and i assemble myself!!
    i love that idea as well but do you think it'll look a bit cheapo?
    p.s. yes they are all wedding favors!!! (from my resources at work.)

  4. Chocciez
    I am a self confessed chocoholic! So obviously I pick tt(bottom right pic). The way to my heart is thru my stomach. Ha. Tho the candles are L-O-V-E-L-Y, when I am given tt, I have no heart to alter its packaging or shape. Tt explains autumn leave green candles which still remains in the packaging which I was given 4-5 yrs ago.

  5. i love them. they're all so cute!

  6. Re: Chocciez
    oh no salmama!! you will eventually become one of those ladies that save preeety lingerie for 'special occasions' wrapped in tissue and never use it!!!!

  7. I think the candles are a great choice! although the rest are all as nice too.. =)


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