Monday, April 30, 2007


could feel the weight lifted off my chest when i toughed up tonight and told the ex i was seeing somebody already... i literally had to ask him "why don't you ask if im seeing someone else already?"

figured it was about time to break the news because, he was planned to come visit in april and was even negotiating future post-marriage living plans, namely move out till we get kids and move back to live with his mom. (see why im not too keen?) marriage, moving out and kids are the last of my priority list at this point.

last night, the conversation got pretty judgemental and quite got me quite pissed. he was telling me how hainanese (our dialect group) moms are more willing to take care of grandkids than teochew (my mom)...which i protested to. and he moved on to justify that some generalizations are very true! just like how 'malays don't work as hard' and 'indians beat their wifes'. (i sincerely do hope im not offending anyone right certainly does not reflect my opinion.) i got pretty peeved at that point and really frustrated that he didn't quite see my point. so i dropped the bombshell.

its only right. we broke up, he had another girlfriend already so its legitimate that i move on as well, right? but why do i feel so guilty... *grr*


  1. he's just a brat who can't get over that you could move on already.
    Quite selfish indeed. And what's the crap abt hainanese mils willing to take care of grandkids? I mean.. it's bet the two of you first before even talking abt kids..

  2. *shrugs* there has always been a power struggle between his mom and me which always resulted in me backing off.. it would be a nightmare to have to move in with her...
    but that aside, hopefulli did the right thing and won't regret in future!


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