Wednesday, April 4, 2007

atlanta:living in the moment...

the boys brought us out for dinner in Dante's which is a mere 5mins drive away from home. i totally felt wifey, shopping & fooling around the whole day & rushing home to get dolled up for dinner!

Dante is a pirate inspired dining nook that plays jazz every weekend. the interior is out of the world! it was like Blue Lagoon Restaurant in Paris Disneyland that i wished i got a reservation for!! we were seated in a cozy little corner on the pirate ship and the servers were in nautical outfits!!! their menu was limited to fondue of all sorts, cheese, meat and chocolate! we had a cheese fondue for starts and meet for entree... which i wasn't a big fan of so i ate all the squashes & mushrooms!!

too bad they will only fix ONE chocolate fondue per night and only on weekdays with reservations!! if not i would be the first to jump at it!! apparantly their chocolate is hand-folded and freshly churned and that people who come for choc fondue are advised to have a 30 min break after their entree because the portions are that huge!!

it was a shame that it was too dark in Dante for pikkies..

we then went round Atlanta in search of Peach Cobbler with a scoop of icecream on top.. cant be that tough right? since Atlanta is the state of peaches.. which landed us in Buckhead Diner, a totally cheesy diner with shiny counters, neon lights and old-style malt milkshakes!!

yummy quishy peach bread pudding with vanilla bean icecream on top!!! it tasted fabulous!! a great mix of warm gooe-ishness & good old vanilla ice cream. the evening ended at 2am after grabbing beer near buckhead, and chatting about everything under the sun, crazy drinking games, weirdass room-mates & travels.

funnny how back in school, my mum practically had to beg me to go to bed early and i always thought "wait till i start working.." but reality check! working life hasn't given me much luxury to stay up till that late! so it was a real treat to sleep in the next day!

i love travelling to places where friends live. on top of getting to spend quality time with friends, you get great recommendation for well-hidden, non touristy spots that won't be found in the pages of lonely planet and get a glimspe of real-life in the different city.

thanks guys, had a great time!


  1. I really like this pic your friend took for you. it's really pretty! i love photos with the subject at the side.

  2. *grins* she is a fabulous photographer.. always catching me in weird positions and expressions!


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