Wednesday, April 4, 2007

visiting home of CNN..

i speak for myself. but when i joined comm studies in college, i dreamt of being a news anchor.

but by first year, i knew that it wasn't my calling... but nevertheless, visiting CNN was like a dream come true. i always wanted to know how it was like in the newsroom and see the things i learnt in textbooks come to life!! caught a glimpse of the staff in CNN at work in their 24-hour hub! if you are a staff in CNN you are on 24 hour call. if there is breaking news, you have to come back to the office, anytime anyday! wow! that's dedication for you!


it was a shame security was super tight and we weren't able to take any pictures inside CNN. so that was the last picture we caught! but it was very fascinating to see the news anchors on CNN broadcast live!

right across the road from CNN is Atlanta's version of Central Park: Centennial Olympic Park and since it was a beautiful day, me & judy decided to kick off our shoes and take a walk on the grass, soak up some sun (see how pasty white i have become after winter??) and sit next to the fountain and gawk at cute kids splashing through the jets!

tan, baby, tan!!!!


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