Wednesday, March 7, 2007

silly friend of mine..

who would have thought banal chitter-chatter would bring me any good.. me and junks do this on a regular basis, start with serious updates, speckled with very well-thought-of suggestions, encouraging words & refreshing nuggets of gossips and as the night draws late (on either his or my side of the world..) the conversation starts to get silly & absolutely frivolous.. sometimes every disjointedly illogical... but tonight, i actually learne something from him.. hehe. how rare!

we were going back and forth about how when you yank out your bottom teeth, you have to yank the top ones too.. for the life of me, i just couldn't figure out why so i told him "the relationship between teeth is like brothers and sisters. its not like if baby (his sister) has a hair cut, your hair will grow faster or grow longer.. right??" 

and he replied with this sketch..

not a born-artist.. but i certainly got the idea. *grins*


  1. hmmm....will tt really happen? and i see chinese characters!!! i think it's 梦幻队...下月俊凯 blahblahblah...then something korean-looking. lol~

  2. *shrugs* i dunno.. maybe it was just his dentist way of cheating him to pluck out all his 4 wisedom teeth!!
    the korean-looking work is "prince" in korean (thanks to judy..) and the rest is his msn nick..junkai is his name..

  3. ahahaha....okay!! maybe the extra calcium to grow the wisdom teeth is used to build up the rest~ at least his dentist tried to cheat him into extracting them...ur motherly surgeon wasn't very humorous~

  4. i dunno man.. my motherly surgeon is really expensive too.. she told me what my orthodontist have been tellin' me for 2 years for a grand total of $120 *faint*


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