Tuesday, March 6, 2007

about work...

a) i love my job..

b) love how Kate booms the "yums, i have a tangerine.." self-made song and suddenly said "hey! my mom bought some KUM QUATs.." and everyone bursts into a raucous party yelling "KUM QUAT"s at each other with poor me squeaking "but ..its a real word..it means urm.. Golden JU.. which is urm..(??!??how do you explain whats a ju?)" feeling awfully outnumbered..

c) love how the employee cafeteria serves ham & beans soup that looks exactly like yesterday's water-y green-ish peas and wild-rice soup...

d) and everyday, i bring the same brides magazine down for lunch hoping that i can bury my face and enjoy a peaceful lunch. but it has been a week and counting and i have not gone past the Vera Wang Homeware Ad... seriously. do i have a 'come disturb my lunch' face??

d) oh! did i mention i got employee of the month with prime parking lot, money , a paid day-off, a framed certificate & a zhing-exclusive interview in the company newsletter? yup. i did. 

e) i love my job more now.. *beams*


  1. wow babe! congrats! :)
    oooh yes i loove wild rice! dunno why. hehehe i like it with miso soup. but then again, i like everything with miso soup. i am misomama.
    muacks deear. take care

  2. Ooh congratulations, Princess Employee of The Month! :D

  3. hey dearie, you must send a copy of that interview to us!! Share the joy!! :) so happy for u! you've earned it princess!! hee..

  4. yay!! employee of the mth!!! oh~ and maybe u shld bring more mags...to share with ur lunch-mates so tt u get to read urs in peace=D

  5. you won't like the wild rice soup here.. its water-ish with a layer of green oil on top..
    nothing beats miso! oh! have you tried miso with baby clams!?!? SUPER tasty..=)

  6. hahaha.. thanks babes.. see if the pix look ok first.

  7. *heh* Princess-shamelessly-tooting-her-own-horn says thanks babes!!

  8. hahah... idea! trust euphie to be subtle like that..
    maybe i should try lunch-a-la-shms-brunch style. with a HUGE laptop propped next to cereal bowl or on the lap.. like how we used to do. den NO ONE will even know im there..


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