Thursday, March 1, 2007

same ole..same ole...

me and my fabulous gorgeous friends chilling out at Corduroy Cafe at VivoCity. which is a really pretty place to chill out. Same ole complaints about various level of dressing-up-ness, same people late, same accents *ahem* and still the same old friends... it was all very exciting with the wedding updates, proposals, job change, latest boyfriends updates!!

afterwhich, we adjourned to Chinatown (huge mistake considering it was chinese new year season) to the $10-happy-family-kara-ok place they were raving to me about when i was overseas.. the best part was when they served sharks fins! and everytime the server brought in our drinks, we would be heartily belting out weirdass songs like "cai shen dao!", "gong xi gong xi.." or yelling "tuo diao".. very very embarrassing! *gulps* and it was so hilarious when we started mass-singing the abba tunes, along with syncronized dance moves & carol's excellent background "shubabab. shubabab"s. and it was good to know that Jay is still very cute & the songs i can sing have not been booted out of the "TOP HITS"!  so im still not too out-of-date..

and as usual, we trooped across chinatown, heels, tiny bags and all to check out the New Majestic Hotel which was uber cool & stylish! we wanted to do something impulsive like check in and spend the night there but all gulped at the exorbitant prices. maybe next time when we earn big bucks, girls.. then we trooped over to join shaun in some bar in Neil Road (sounds like Montage??) where his friend was spinning and had a drink before going to Geylang for Beef Hor Fun! *yums*

everything is good, just as before!!! i likey!


  1. whee!!! did u try their warm chocolate pudding with home-made ice cream?! it's REEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY gooooooOOoooOooooooooooooOOOOOd!!!!!

  2. i only tried the strawberry milkshake (very very safe choice) and lavender steamed milk.(super odd..) but warm choc pudding sounds real good.. darnit..


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