Wednesday, February 28, 2007


darnit. i can't capture the joke in my headlines. just watched a bunch of old budweiser ads and there was one with a bunch of dudes in a chinese restaurant yelling their greetings at each other. "wasssssuuupppppp" and the chefs all appeared with wasabe. ok. not funny when scripted. but it was hilarious..

well and that pretty much summed up the sushi party.. also the crowd were mostly people from the kitchen/ F&B, not the usual beer-pong crowd i hang with so i pretty much took the backseat even though it was in my home..

mise-en-place for american sushi (avocado, scallions, peppers, cucumbers, cream cheese & smoked salmon) and Italian sushi rolls (proscuitto with rissoto). the interesting part was the italian roll dip! we used pomegranate molasses which tastes like dried fruit with a texture of honey!!! quite a good contrast to the sticky risotto & savory proscuitto.. but as true-blue-sushi-purists, both me and judy found ourselves craving for ....


FAKE CRAB STICK!!!!!! (picture from mine & judy's  sushi night )

and as the night progressed, more shots & beers were taken and people do the weirdest things when intoxicated.. some flash, some dance, some fight, some start talking non-stop.. as i got more 'drunk' on my unsweet iced tea, i got tired of their silly antics and decided to be anti-social and jump into the shower, put on my PJs and pop on a movie and jump right into bed. im just weird like that. when i don't feel comfortable enough to be silly, i rather be the odd-ball and retreat.


  1. Song
    Hey jie... thanks for the christmas presents... and vic's presents too... winter is kinda over... but i'll probably need it next year.... I wanna go home too

  2. Re: Song
    it took THAT long to get to you?? *grrrr* well.. at least its the thought that counts!
    home's always home! =)

  3. Re: Song
    HEY! and i cant comment on your blog but you look WAYYY better than Dr Shephard..


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