Thursday, March 15, 2007

my roomies..

you know that you have been staying together for wayy too long when you come across conversations like that and deem it regular.

you: oops! im out of socks
me: oh darnit.. i was going to borrow black ones from you tomorrow.
you: why are you wearing black?
me: cos im wearing black shoes?
you: thought you're wearing whites?
me: nah...
you:*rummages through the drawers* oh! here you go.. found one white and one black.
me: i wanna wear the black. 
you: how bout we split. one side each??

*roll eyes*

on another note, im so glad me and noey are the same sizes. along with a whole bunch of dirty socks, my whole stash of logo-ed polo tees are buring in my laundry pile!!! darnit.. if only im not that **wishy-washy with my weekly laundry. haha...

**pun intended.


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