Thursday, March 15, 2007

my much missed chup-chai-peng..


after gym class last night i had a HUGE craving for regular home-cooked steamed white rice & vegetables.. was thinking more about sitting at the glass dining table at home with my family & having broiled soup, fried omelette, oyster vegetable & my g-ma's  freshly grinded garlic chilli & soy sauce with a bowl of piping hot steam jasmine rice..awwww..

but since im super untalented in the kitchen (especially when comes to asian cuisine..) and of the above i can only make fried omelette without OD-ing on the salt.. i figure my next best bet would be the chinese take-out...

so i paid USD $5.50 for the above!! steam rice, stir-fry vege with chicken, mushrooms & cabbage only!! i can most probably get better quality chup-chai-peng for less than S$3.00... *gulps* but it came in a styrofoam take-away box!! instead of the regular chinese take-out box so that made it more familiar..

Washed down the greasy, sloshy american-chinese food with a cuppa hot green tea. and boy! did it hit a spot..


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