Saturday, February 10, 2007

something pretty to share...

I think this is just too beautiful not to share, as it does not happen very often.

This albino peacock looks like a giant snowflake.

What an absolute beauty!

Which brings me to a point of the quirks of nature and God’s plan for them.

They may be an “accident” but they turn out beautifully.

So, when life doesn’t turn out smoothly as you wish, just remember - God may have a special plan for you! "


  1. philosophical zhing.
    so 'ugly duckling'...
    welcome home btw.

  2. hahaha.. somedays, i feel that way!
    hehe! =) thanks.. good to be back..

  3. awwww
    It is sooooo beautiful!!!!
    Francine said they were 'turkeies' hahahaha
    oh and she says hi!!!!
    *We are watching Grammy awards here. wish you are here

  4. hey dear
    tried to msg three of your previous numbers.. got 1 weirdo! haha.. can you drop me a msg? wanna hang out.. start work on thurs. going to vj for breakfast tmw if you want to join me, and town for errands.

  5. Re: hey dear
    i have a brand new number!! temp number for now.. we are meeting tomorrow (friday) evening.. available?

  6. Re: awwww
    hi francine!! =) hahahaha very pretty 'turkeys'!! i wish i was there too..i missed it totally!


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