Friday, February 16, 2007

lovely eveing with am & kop

Greyhound cafe. i was very amused by the name cos in states, greyound is a budget transportation means in between states... i was firstly floored by the interior. very clean & chic and the service was fabulous! Am swears by the international cuisine & burgers but we eventually decided on thai-inspired fusion dishes. 

the yummy grub: the meal was amazing! =) especially the complicated noodles (left). you place lettuce, bak chor, herbs & thai chilli sauce in the noodle and wrap like a dumpling! super tasty! and i love DIY dishes like roast pork & skim or popiah! so hands-on and fun... i think it feeds the child in me to use hand and eat! also, the roasted beef with sticky rice was amazing. you roll the sticky rice around the pork! *drools* and the total cost for a meal for (2) with impeccable serice was around $30!!
certainly a must-go.

the friends: Am & Kop, the sweetest girls in my grad class in swiss! maybe it was their quiet & calm demanour that attracted the opposite high-strung me.. but we had very hearty discussion about places we miss in bangkok in between classes so we figured we should certainly meet up the next time i come to bangkok. also we worked together as the theming & decor team during our banquets so that was another few days of non-stop rose-folding, material shopping & underwear collecting fun..

best news of the night: Kop is engaged and getting married in May! Me & Am did the regular girly girl and showered here with gazillion wedding questions "how did he pop the question" (he did not.. they agreed..) "where is she getting married" (a garden), "whats the theme", "what color is the dress" hehe... talk about professional hazard. and since it was THREE months away, we kinda made her agree that she has to start printing her invites soon. and once i get home, i will be mailing all the bridal magazines & picture books to her.. *excited*

too bad i will be across the world when the party happens.. but still sending all my love & blessing to the lovely couple!

post-dinner sweets: at iberry for gelare icecream.. very regular gelare but the excitement of sitting in a bird cage precedes it all! perfect setting to end a beautiful evening with my friends with endless promises to keep in touch & go shopping or beach hopping my next trip home. with some people, i take these promises with a grain of salt but with them, we all know we will! =)


  1. Looks so lovely and totally reasonably priced!

  2. oooooooo!!!!! no wonder i thot the girl in the pic looks v familiar!!! she's the friend who did ur hair during xin's class banquet! whee!!!! hmm....i cannot remember Am tho'...hmmm~

  3. yeah! it was beautiful! you will certainly like it..

  4. yeah!! cant believe she can even curl her own hair so nicely.. *jealous*
    am is rae's sista (the one in pgdm class..)she left school after edwardo's incident..

  5. ahh...i'm definitely getting old. really cannot remember what happened. but i vaguely recall tt she's somebody's sister. -nods-


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